Monday, November 10, 2008

No More Calls, We Have a Winner

Hand-down, without hesitation, the best Korean Restaurant in Little Seoul (Annondale) is Oegadgib. We originally reviewed this off the road, hard to find gem in August and a return visit last night confirmed that this not only the best value for the money, it is the best overall Korean restaraunt in the DC area (ok, have we been to all of them - no, but most). I am sure you can find a place that makes one dish that is a little better than Oegadgib (for example, no Korean Fried Chicken), but for the price, the quality, the variety, how well the food is done and the experience, Oegadgib wins hands down.

Last night included some Kalbi(short rib ) and some Sangyapsol (three layer pork belly) all grilled on a stone slab with garlic,peppers and as we were shown thin slices of daikon that become fabulous when grilled with pork belly, bi bim bap, Tofu Jigae (spicy tofu and seafood soup) and a dok mondu casserole (dok are sliced rice cakes and mandoo are dumplings) simmers in a mild broth.

Starter plates were all good, barley tea tasty and as usual, people were nice and happy to have us there. We did not hit the all you can eat or shabu shabu, but we felt better knowing it was there and to be targettedon a future visit. yet to have anything there that wasn't really excellent, and highly recommend it. From no one, when people ask me where to go for Korean, I am sending them to Oegadgib. You should too.