Wednesday, May 21, 2008

at long last, peace

I've been on a mission. I have failed to complete it for many months, but now, finally, I can rest peacefully. We had raamen for lunch in Tokyo today.

Was it all I could have hoped for? Yes. Was it more? Yes.
We had asked a lot of people for help. Most pointed us to big fancy office buildings, but I knew they would not do. Raamen is street food. We needed something under 7 bucks to be any good. We needed something where people just walked in off the street to be good. So Sara knew what we needed and found

Akasaka Raamen Honten. Akasaka is a lively area not far from the US Embassy. The place was exactly right. It was diminished somewhat by the fact that the owner spoke enough english to help us, but in th eend it did make it easier. You pay for your meal up front at a machine that discharges a ticket which you then hand over when ordering.

I had the Shoyu Ramen, and my colleague the straight Miso. I am used to US based raamen which is clearly far too healthy. My bown features a fine layer of fat at the top which made everything taste better and go down easier. The slice of pork we had was like butter, silky and falling apart. With an extra helping of green onions, it lasted maybe 2 minutes. The noodles had a good amount of bite to them. A few added delights (half a hard boiled egg, a little nori). wow. so good. so very good.

And, now, I have a raamen place in Tokyo. I sleep better at night knowing they are there, but I know that there are hundreds, maybe thousands of them here and I've only found one. So much more work to do.

Well, there is always dinner?!