Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New New Arrival in Annandale

Banking on a return to familiar surroundings, the AllTasteSame pseudo-Korean special correspondent visited BFHK (that’s blog fav Hankook Kyoja) with company in recent weeks only to find that the restaurant has changed concepts and names – it is now called Jang Won. The faux-Dennys d├ęcor, table settings, and less-than-attentive waitresses are still the same, but the menu is, literally, wholesale different. Gone are the traditional Korean noodle soups and mandoo, replaced by Sino-Korea delights such as Jja Jjang Myeon (black bean sauce noodles), Tang Soo Yuk (sweet and sour pork), and Jjam Bbong (spicy seafood soup). Importantly, their noodle dishes feature hand-made noodles, a rarity in the metro area. During lunch they serve more traditional Korean elements like fried mandoo, but you won’t find Kalbi, Bulgogi, Soon Doo Boo and other ubiquitous fare on the dinner menu... much to the disappointment of some here at the blog who considered Hankook Kyoja one of the hidden delights of NoVa. Judging by the line at the door and the packed booths on a Sunday night, however, Annandale has welcomed Jang Won with open mouths. Although further tastings will be required before rendereing a more comprehensive verdict, the first visit suggests that Jang Won will be good competition for Choong Wha Woon, which until now has had the Sino-Korean sector largely to itself.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Pork Is Good

My mother in law makes the best spare ribs ever. It turns out she relies on a fairly popular 1-2-3-4-5 recipe, but has a unique approach, using more beer and less wine in the ribs.

This has to be the easiest dish ever - just add all the ingredients and the ribs cut into little pieces and put on the fire, boil and then turn down to simmer.

You cook the whole mixture down until nothing remains but luscious rubs and a little bit of sauce. Once the sauce cooks down, you remove most of the fat and add in some green onions. The depth of the flavor is really amazing, as is the texture of the fatty ribs that have given up their fat and leave only the rich, brown tasty meat behind.

1 (tsp)- vinegar
2 (tsp)- sugar
3 (tsp)- beer
4 (tsp)- soy sauce
5 (tsp)- beer