Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Outing Dim Sum Outing

Lord knows I am always ready for some new source of information on where to get good dim sum. I've been known to accept speaking gigs in San Francisco and elsewhere if I think I can get enough time to rummage some backwater but praiseworthy dumpling house. But I was a little saddened to see this article in the Washington Post today. Yes, it's good to have a ready source in the paper for where to go, but it means that for the next month at least it will be impossible to get into Hollywood East or Fortune, already a tough seat at prime time.

Ok, yes, we have to strike a balance between hiding things all for ourselves and sharing them with the broader public. Many of the best of the places listed have lines and are hard to get into without a long wait. So thanks for nothing, WP. All they have done is created greater competition for my dumplings, and weakened a country.

Now, that being said, there are a few places on the Post's list of Dim Sum I have not been too. Those with feedback on some of these joints are welcome to chime in. Some listings from the post are:

A and J - Northern Chinese Bfast in Rockville
China Garden - the closest to DC worth having, in Rosslyn
Fortune - My personal favorite - 7 corners
Hollywood East - good, but long lines in Wheaton
Marks' Duck House - Parker's Favorite