Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bento as Haiku

Bento-Box, Bento
What can I find inside you
Food, I think, and more

Kaz-Sushi Bistro
1915 I Street, NW

2 out of five grains of rice

Business lunch today, and by chance it was at Kaz Sushi, which I have yet to write up. I’ve been a few times and always seem to find the bento box calling my name They have a standard daily special bento, and then one extra special of the day bento to boot. This is on top of the usual sushi and sashimi options, chirashi, etc available at most Japanese places in town.

If you don’t know what a bento box is, think of it as the Japanese lunch box. It’s a composed and often very balanced meal that included, in this case:

1 three piece tuna sushi roll (tako-maki)
2 pieces of sushi (yellow tail and salmon)
Chicken-katsu (panko-breaded and fried chicken) with Miso sauce
Seaweed and cucumber salad with mayonnaise dressing
White steamed rice with sesame seeds

I like the bento for its simplicity and composition. No major thought processes are needed. Just pick a box and all of your sides and mains are chosen for you. You get a variety of tastes, flavors and textures.

This box was pretty good. The miso sauce took away some of the bite of the chicken-katsu (I would have preferred it on the side as a dipping sauce) but that was my only complaint. The sushi and maki were good, the salad refreshing, and the rice nice and starchy, the way I like it.

Served with miso soup and green tea.

It was not the best Japanese food I’ve ever had in DC, but the lunch filled me up, was authentic and tasty.