Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Joe's Noodle House - mmmmm, Chinese

Joe’s Noodle House
1488-C Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD

3 out of 5 Rice Grains

So while shopping up in Rockville, my wife spied a non-descript building on the east side of Rockville pike and said – “hey, let’s try that on the way home.” Turns out she is like a rain man for Asian food (definately good asian, definately). This place was good. VERY good. It’s all linoleum and mirrors – very 70s strip mall décor and you order at the front counter. We also noticed the rug had seen much better days, but since when has decor EVER been a key to good Asian dining. If you focus on the food and not the flooor, things get good quickly. There are lots of daily specials (most, but fortunately not all with Tripe) and a solid variety of options. You could come back 20 times and not repeat, and it seems from first glace that all of the food would be good to very good.

For starters, we had the tofu with chile paste which comes cold which helps mute the spice but very flavorful. It would be better if it warmed up a bit, but overall not bad (and even better the next day as leftovers). We also had the pan-fried guo-tie(dumplings) which were homemade and pretty good, if a tad on the dry side. The spicy noodles were also very good, although they appeared to be pre-made pasta but the red chile sauce was really good. The star of the menu was the sliced and stir-fried rice cake. Stir-fried with chicken and mushrooms – very tasty. We’ll be back for the food and won’t mind about the decor.