Monday, August 13, 2007

“I know of a place in. . . . .”

“I know of a place in Herndon?” Few statements set my heart racing like these seven little words. We’ve all heard it before. You’ll be talking to a group of friend about some great Asian food you’ve had, and invariably someone chimes in with a statement like “I have a friend who goes to this great little dim sum place in Herndon. I’ve never been, but he says it’s the best. I’ll get the name for you.” Of course, you almost never hear from this person again and in the back of your mind, you are always left dreaming about that little hidden gem that no one but you and native eaters know about. It’s like the fish that got away, or the girl you almost hooked up with in college that is a lot prettier in your memory than she probably ever was in real life.

The hidden gem is in part what keeps Asian foodies like us going. We are all seeking that little no-name, strip mall eatery where the food is all hand made, authentic and worth driving for an hour for 9and waiting another hour for the table). It’s the Holy Grail for the Asian foodie. Whether it was the little Vietnamese Pho place in San Jose we found in June, the Ramen place we stumbled in a few days later, or the fried soup dumpling we are trying next weekend in Queens, there is no greater satisfaction than seeking and (hopefully) finding that great little hole in the wall that saves you the effort of going to Vietnam or Shanghai because the food is just as good (ok, almost) at the little place you’ve found.

These are the places we want to find, but we need help. I am already lined up to hit a new place in Rockville offered by one of my co-workers (stay tuned for more posts). But we need to hear more. So please share your rumors, suggestions, foodie gems so we can check ‘em out. The car is gassed up and I am starving.